Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wadi Ram, Jordan

After our three nights on the beach, we headed to the border and left Egypt behind. We walked across the border into Israel, took a cab for about 10 minutes, and then walked across the border into Jordan. From there we took another cab, about an hour, to Wadi Ram which is in the southern part of the country. It's also desert, except the sand is red, as are the huge peaks that surround the valley (wadi means valley). We arrived too late to really go exploring on the first day, so we just pitched our tent, walked around a little bit nearby and then had dinner at a restaurant in the village of Ram. The next day, we had the whole day to go hiking through the desert. The scenery was really beautiful, and once again the pictures don't do it any justice, but it was a really great day. The only downside was how cold it was there. Our tuques and many layers were much needed there.

We left Wadi Ram this morning and are now in Petra, an ancient city carved completely into the sandstone rocks of the desert, which was built around the third century BC. It's in the Indiana Jones and Last Crusade. We're planning to spend the day tomorrow walking/hiking around this amazing place.

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