Monday, March 26, 2007

Let the Island Hopping Begin! Mykonos

We arrived in Mykonos yesterday afternoon after taking the very comfortable Blue Star Ferry. When we arrived at the port we planned on camping just outside the city (Hora) as the prices from accommodation here are exhorbitant. Turns out in low season you can have your pick of hotels and pay equivalent to what we payed for our hooker-surrounded hostel in Athens. Score one for us! We are staying in a beautiful hotel just off the main drag in Hora. Mykonos, of what we have seen, is absolutely beautiful. The "city" may be full of one too many want-to-be fashionistas (god knows where they think they are going), trendy clubs, and overpriced shops but it doesn't detract from its undeniable beauty. Today we spent the day at the beach - it isn't warm enough to swim but it was nice to just sit by the water and read. Mind you, the natives are in down jackets right now so there is no way for Daniel and I in our t-shirts and shorts/skirts not to look like tourists! It's that warm Canadian blood.

Tomorrow we plan on visiting the sacred island of Delos, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis and the centre of ancient Greek mythology.

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paul said...

The Islands are awesome, Bida make sure you say hi Kosta while your in Greece.
Its good to read and see the pics of your adventures. Just finished my adventures of audit season. So you can bet who has had the better time so far. Keep on truck'n and posting us your crazy adventures.