Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snorkelling and relaxing on the beach

The day after we climbed Mt. Sinai, we spent the whole day snorkeling in Dahab. The whole coast of Sinai is coral reef, and we both really enjoyed it. We snorkeled in two different spots, and the colours of both the reefs and the fish were really amazing. For me the highlight was seeing the lion fish. Unfortunately, we didn't have an underwater camera, so I can't share what we saw, you'll just have to believe me... or look up some pictures from the Red Sea on the internet.

After Dahab, we went further north up the coast to a place called Beir Sweir, which basically is about 10 different camps. It was almost deserted there, just a couple other people at our camp. So Tara and I had our hut and the almost to ourselves. We spent our days just laying around, reading and tanning, and going for walks along the beach.

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