Monday, March 5, 2007

How Many Camels?

I just had to title our newest post, "How Many Camels?", as Daniel was asked two nights ago this very question by an Egyptian man. How many camels for me? We thought it was too funny not to post.

Yesterday, Daniel and I spent the day in the Valley of the Kings and visiting the Temple of Hatshepsut. You aren't able to take pictures inside the tombs at the Valley of the Kings as it degrades the interiors, so I have only posted exterior shots of the area. The valley itself is quite impressive with startling views of the desert and Nile surrounding it.

With the price of admission you are allowed to enter 3 tombs -- the 3 we saw we extremely impressive. It is amazing to think of the time and energy, planning and manpower that it took to build just one of these tombs. What I found most amazing is that even today the colours used on the hieroglyphs are still so bright and vibrant. After marvelling at the 3 tombs and taking a quick water break, Daniel and I began our 1 hour hike over the mountains that make up the Valley of the Kings to the Temple of Hatshepsut.
The views on our hike were gorgeous - we walked above the Valley of the Kings, looking down on all the history that lies there. Once we reached the peak, we were able to see the other side of the valley -- a view of the other ancient sites in the area, the Nile, the desert and the lush farmland surrounding. The Temple is partially carved out of the rock face and partially man-made but all around impressive. Today, we are off to our Nubian lunch with the kind farmer who invited us into his home. We are looking forward to it.


Mark said...

Where are the Camel Pictures?

nvd said...

Awesome...that's fantastic dude. I"m glad you're taking all this in...moments that are gonna last you a lifetime..Allah minoukh.

Anonymous said...

TJ, I give up at least 1/2 a camel for you, probably a good thing you're there with Bida!!

Miss u guys,


Adam said...

TJ, I would give you up for no more that half a camel, so it's probably a good thing you're there with Bida!

Miss you guys,


mike said...

this blog get more comments than damn yous!

Meghan said...

Hi guys! Sounds like you're having an incredible time...keep the amazing photos and updates coming!

Mike Verhoeven said...

Bida that Hat makes you look like Indiapolis Jones