Saturday, April 28, 2007

Everything's Coming Up Tara - Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

It was quite the feat getting to Durmitor National Park in North-Western Montenegro from Kosovo but after 3 buses and hitching, we finally made it. And believe me, the home of all things Tara (Tara River and Tara Canyon) was well worth it.

We decided to stay in the largest town in Durmitor, Zablyak. The town was situated in the centre of the park amidst snow-capped mountains, rolling hills, alpine lodges and clear-blue lakes. The place was idyllic. We spent four days hiking and relaxing amid the mountains. The highlight of our time there was hiking to a lookout over the Tara Canyon.

Though the Tara Canyon is much lesser known than the Grand Canyon (I had never heard of it before researching Montenegro), it is actually second to it in size and, unlike the Grand, it boasts amazing mountain peaks reaching towards the sky, an abundance of trees and the almost too-blue-to-be-real Tara River running through it. We took many a picture at that lookout but unfortunately, I don't think any of them accurately capture the grandeur of it. It was truly magnificent...kind of like me!!!

Montenegro is a country of astounding natural beauty and Daniel and I swore to each other that we would be back. It is gorgeous here!

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