Friday, February 16, 2007

Airport insanity!

So we arrived just fine in Cairo yesterday... well sort of.
After getting off the plane and into the airport, we got into the huge mob of people (approximately 400) waiting to go through passport control. We didn't really know what was happening but assumed it was just normal, don't ask why. After a little while we figured out where to go buy our visas, and had to re-enter the mob at the back. Then we waited (pushed, Egyptians aren't into organized lines) there for about 40 minutes, finally reaching the immigration officer who stamps the passports. However he didn't give it back to us at that point, instead he pointed at some other guy who was standing in the middle of an even more rabid mob, screaming out people's names and countries. The computers were down, this is the back up system!
And so, we joined the masses, scared of losing our passports, and pushed and listened as hard as we could, hoping to hear our names called out. Finally, after 2 hours of this insanity, at our wit's end, my name was called out. Still no Tara. So more pushing, more screaming out her name. and 5 minutes later we got hers.
What a way to start our trip! Luckily, Egyptians are also very nice, and our driver (who stood there for 3 hours) was still there and we made it to our hostel just fine.


Mark said...

Good to hear you guys made it there safely. Yes I am the first to post a comment. Bida I loved the Raise the Roof. You 2 have fun and stay safe. Watch out for Camels.... They Spit.

mike said...

so does your mom mark

Jim, Ann & Stephen, Jas said...

Hi guys!
We're happy you arrived safely as well, although your airport excursion sounds insane for sure. You're right about Alitalia, it is what I found out as well when I flew with them as well.
Well have a great time on the your next stop and look forward to see your travels on this blog.
Take Tara & Daniel,
Ann, Jim and Stephen